Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Disk Data Recovery is a specialised service PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides. Our experts utilise state-of-the-art techniques to recover data from physically or logically damaged hard disks. We handle various scenarios resulting in data loss, including hardware failures, accidental deletions, virus attacks, and software corruption.

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Hard drive Data Recovery
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Data Recovery for Hard Drives

With a solid reputation for first-rate hard drive recovery services, PITS Global Data Recovery Services boasts a highly trained specialist dedicated to retrieving data from damaged, corrupted, or failed hard drives.

Benefiting from years of experience in data recovery, our company employs state-of-the-art technology and tools to maximise data retrieval. At PITS, our engineers prioritise the significance of your data, making its recovery their utmost mission.

Our company, PITS Global Data Recovery Services, stands out for its professionalism and reliability. We handle your data with the utmost care and confidentiality, taking all precautions necessary.

Our streamlined process ensures quick, efficient, and secure data recovery. Even in the most challenging scenarios, our expertise allows us to retrieve data from hard drives with physical damage or logical errors.

No matter your hard drive’s type, brand, or model, we offer a comprehensive range of data recovery services. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology, we ensure your data is recovered with the utmost precision. Put your trust in PITS Global Data Recovery Services, a company with years of experience, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. We work tirelessly to recover your data and deliver exceptional results.

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At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, our team comprises skilled technicians with expertise in recovering data from diverse data storage devices. Their extensive experience enables them to proficiently manage various cases.

To ensure prompt and efficient data retrieval, we employ cutting-edge tools and technologies. Regular updates to these tools keep pace with advancements in storage devices.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

PITS Global Data Recovery Services empathises with the frustration accompanying data loss, particularly regarding hard disks. Therefore, we have carefully developed a comprehensive recovery process, ensuring an exceptionally high success rate.



Our hard disk data recovery procedure begins with thoroughly evaluating your device. Through this assessment, we determine the extent of the damage. Armed with this knowledge, our team can provide you with a quote and an estimated timeframe for the recovery process.


Approval of the Quotation and Evaluation

We will proceed with the data recovery process at PITS Global Data Recovery Services upon your approval of the evaluation and quotation. Our team of dedicated experts will diligently work to retrieve your valuable data. We will conduct a complete analysis to determine the underlying cause of the data loss and formulate an effective recovery strategy.



For hard drive data recovery, we employ a combination of state-of-the-art technology and expertise. Advanced methods are used to recover data from the logical elements of the hard drive, while specialised hardware tools are utilised to recover files from the physical components.


Data Verification Session

Throughout the process, we prioritise keeping you informed with regular updates on your HDD data recovery status. We fully understand the significance of your data and handle it with the maximum care and confidentiality at all stages.

Upon the successful recovery of your data, we will arrange a verification session to ensure the integrity and completeness of the retrieved information. We provide this session at PITS Global Data Recovery Services, instilling our clients with reassurance in the recovered data.

Only One Company Does Remote File Verification Session

Our file verification process via remote session is crucial for customer satisfaction. Unlike other companies, we are the only ones offering this distinctive service. After successful data recovery, we initiate a remote session, allowing our customers to review and check their files.


Get Recovered Files

Subsequently, we will deliver your data in the format of your choice, whether on a new drive or through a secure transfer. Our commitment to precision and thoroughness in the data recovery process for hard drives is a source of pride for us at PITS Global Data Recovery Services.

Cleanrooms are purposefully designed to maintain a controlled environment with exceptionally low airborne particles. These rooms have advanced air filtration systems to remove airborne contaminants effectively. Cleanrooms are designed to maintain positive air pressure, effectively safeguarding the controlled environment from the intrusion of pollutants.

Using cleanroom facilities becomes particularly vital when dealing with hard drives that have suffered physical damage, such as those that have been dropped. In such cases, the hard drive may have internal components that are damaged or misaligned, necessitating specialised equipment in a cleanroom environment.

Regarding hard drive data recovery, cleanroom facilities are indispensable for safe and successful retrieval. These facilities are meticulously designed environments entirely free from dust, debris, and other contaminants that could harm hard drives. Given the extreme sensitivity of hard drives, providing them with a clean and controlled environment is crucial to preventing any damage. Even the tiniest contaminants, such as dust or debris, can result in scratches on the delicate surface of the hard drive platters.

We Recover Data from All Types of Drives

SATA Hard Drive Recovery

We specialise in custom data retrieval solutions for SATA hard drives, excelling in recovering data from physically damaged, logically errored, or accidentally deleted drives.

SAS Hard Drive Recovery

Our team employs cutting-edge tools and advanced techniques to efficiently extract data from SAS hard drives, even in cases of damage or failure.

Hybrid Drive Recovery

We have extensive experience recovering data from hybrid drives, providing customised solutions for scenarios such as firmware corruption or physical damage.

Helium Drive Recovery

Our team specialises in handling helium drives, offering advanced solutions for data retrieval and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in data recovery.

Data Recovery Near Me

With a wide-ranging network of locations, our services extend to clients across diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, legal, and government. We recognise the critical nature of data loss in these sectors and work diligently to recover valuable documents efficiently. Beyond our physical facilities, we also offer remote data recovery services to clients who cannot visit one of our locations.

Through secure internet connections, our remote data recovery services enable us to work on your device without physical access. With our extensive network of facilities and advanced remote data recovery capabilities, we can deliver our services to clients worldwide, regardless of their location. Whether in a bustling metropolis or a remote area, we can recover your files securely and effectively.

We Recover Data From Any Hard Drive Brand

We offer comprehensive services for various popular hard disk drive brands, including Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Samsung. Our commitment to staying ahead in brand-specific technologies and tools allows us to provide effective data recovery solutions for all leading hard disk drive manufacturers. With the expertise and resources of our dedicated team, rest assured that we can handle any data loss situation with precision and care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we specialise in data recovery from various types of storage media, including hard drives. Whether it’s a mechanical failure, logical issue, accidental data deletion, or any other data loss situation, our team of experts employs advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to recover data from damaged or malfunctioning hard drives.

It’s important to note that the success of data recovery depends on the extent of damage to the hard drive. In some cases, we can retrieve most or all of the data, while in others, data recovery may be partial. However, we always strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients and maintain a high success rate in data recovery from hard drives.

Yes, in many cases, we can recover data from a dead HDD. Our skilled technicians assess the extent of damage and employ specialised methods, including component repairs, firmware fixes, and data recovery tools, to retrieve data. Success rates vary, and while some cases result in partial recovery, we do our best to maximise data retrieval possibilities for our clients.

Yes, in many cases, hard drive failure can be recovered through data recovery services. When a hard drive fails due to mechanical, logical, or physical issues, the data stored on it may become inaccessible. Data recovery experts use specialised tools and techniques to retrieve the lost data from the failed hard drive.

The success of data recovery depends on the type and severity of the failure. While some cases result in complete data recovery, others may only achieve partial recovery. It’s essential to seek professional data recovery services promptly after a hard drive failure occurs to improve the chances of successful data retrieval. At PITS Global Data Recovery Services, we have the expertise to handle various types of hard drive failures and work diligently to recover valuable data for our clients.

The time it takes to complete a data recovery process can vary depending on several factors. The complexity of the data loss situation, the type of storage media, the extent of damage to the device, and the size of the data to be recovered all play a role in determining the recovery duration.

In some straightforward cases, data recovery can be completed within a few hours to a day. These might include accidental file deletions or simple logical errors. However, more complex scenarios, such as severe physical damage to the storage media or extensive data retrieval needs, can take several days or even weeks to complete.

Upon receiving your storage device, our data recovery experts at PITS Global Data Recovery Services will assess the situation and provide you with an estimated time frame for the recovery process. We understand the importance of timely data retrieval, and we always strive to complete the recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of the results.

  1. Evaluation and Consultation: Assess the data loss situation and discuss recovery options.
  2. Data Protection and Cloning: Safeguard the data by creating a duplicate copy for recovery.
  3. Repair and Restoration: Fix logical issues or perform hardware repairs, if necessary.
  4. Data Recovery: Use advanced techniques to retrieve lost data from the media.
  5. Data Integrity Checks: Verify the recovered data for accuracy and completeness.
  6. Data Delivery: Present the recovered data in the preferred format to the client.
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Data Recovery Reviews
Average rating 4.9
This company is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 267 review(s)
Terry Jackson
10 Apr 2024
Brilliant service! PITS Global Data Recovery Services successfully recovered all of my data. Highly recommended!
Hal Jordan
9 Apr 2024
I took my Synology NAS to PITS for assistance after one of its four drives failed unexpectedly, leaving me unable to access any of my data. PITS immediately understood the critical nature of my ... predicament and wasted no time getting to work. They even completed the data recovery much sooner than I had anticipated. They also organized a verification session, allowing me to review the recovered results. Honestly, I was skeptical about the possibility of a full recovery, but to my surprise, all of my documents, media and the rest of the files were successfully recovered. The service was truly commendable. Should I ever face a similar issue in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.
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Charlotte Robinson
3 Apr 2024
Good communication and easy service. PITS Global Data Recovery Services recovered my data in no time. They're proper good at what they do. Highly recommend
Alfie R.
1 Apr 2024
I've had my LaCie SSD Pro for a really long time, and it's been super important to me. It has all my stuff from high school to the end of college. I had to contact PITS because my drive started having ... problems and all my files got messed up. But, thanks to PITS, they got all my files back, checked everything was okay in our verification session, and gave me a new drive with my files on it. I couldn't have asked for more, truly chuffed with their help.
(Read More)
29 Mar 2024
Great service - I've never been as satisfied with anyone as much as I've been with PITS
Charlie Evans
24 Mar 2024
After my Nan passed away, we discovered an old computer brimming with decades of family photos. The following day, when I attempted to transfer the media to my drive, the laptop displayed a black ... screen and ceased functioning. Having taken it to several computer repair shops without any success in recovering the data, PITS was highly recommended to me. And rightfully so. I can't thank PITS enough for what they've done for our family - we received all of the media and even the rest of her data. I am truly blessed to know that there are people who can help during these times
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Our engineers have extensive experience in data recovery from every type of device, and we are registered partners of major industry players like Microsoft and Apple.