RAID 0, known for its striping technique, divides data evenly across two or more disks without parity, redundancy, or fault tolerance. This method boosts system speed and performance, which is ideal for speed-focused environments over data redundancy. In a drive failure within a RAID 0 configuration, the entire array’s data may be lost, emphasising the importance of robust data recovery solutions. PITS Global Data Recovery steps in as a premier provider of RAID 0 recovery services, offering unparalleled expertise and a high success rate in retrieving data from RAID 0 arrays.

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RAID 0 Data Recovery from All Server Brands

Recovering data from RAID 0 configurations across various server brands demands a comprehensive approach tailored to each unique system. Irrespective of the server’s ability to restore RAID 0 data, it involves specific skills and resources to handle the complexities of striped data allocation without the backup of redundancy. PITS Global Data Recovery stands at the forefront of RAID 0 data recovery, equipped to handle diverse server brands with precision and efficiency. Our experienced team comprehends the intricacies of RAID 0 architectures, allowing us to tackle data loss incidents from hardware failures, software glitches, or human errors across servers of all leading brands.

PITS Global’s comprehensive RAID 0 recovery services cater to all server brands, including Dell, HP, and IBM. Our experts have experience working with various RAID controllers and configurations, making us the ideal choice for your RAID 0 data recovery needs.

We understand the complexities of RAID 0 arrays and use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to recover your data with minimal downtime.


PITS Global Data Recovery stands at the forefront of data recovery with its specialised techniques and cutting-edge tools designed specifically for RAID 0 recoveries. Our cleanroom environment is meticulously maintained to provide an optimal setting for our engineers to work on sensitive equipment without the risk of further data loss or damage.

Can RAID 0 Be Recovered

RAID 0, or data or disk striping, is ideal for individuals seeking to emphasise performance. This configuration divides data across multiple disks to boost read/write speeds. Nonetheless, this RAID array lacks data parity or redundancy, so if a disk malfunctions, there is a risk of losing all data.

Despite the risks with RAID 0, such as potential total data loss if one drive fails, our expertise at PITS Global Data Recovery Services makes recovery possible. Our specialists use advanced techniques to restore data from RAID 0. The process involves analysing each drive to rebuild the data accurately. As RAID 0 has no redundancy, our experts must recover data from all drives in the array. This method involves extracting data from individual drives and then rebuilding it to restore the original files and folders.

Common Causes of RAID 0 Failure

Physical Drive Failure

One common reason for RAID 0 failure is drive malfunction within the array. Without redundancy, any malfunction can lead to data loss.

Human Error

Accidental file deletion, drive reformatting errors, or misconfiguring RAID settings can result in substantial data loss.

Power Surges and Outages

Power problems can corrupt data or harm drives, especially without proper protection, such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).


Without adequate cooling, drives can overheat, leading to failure. This is particularly problematic in tightly packed server environments.

Malware Attacks

Malicious software can corrupt, encrypt, or delete the data stored on a RAID 0 array, often resulting in complete data loss.

Software and Firmware Bugs

RAID controller software or firmware glitches can mishandle data, causing corruption or loss.

Physical Damage

Events like fire, water damage, or drops can harm drives, making data recovery challenging or impossible.

Each of these causes requires a tailored approach to recovering lost data effectively. Understanding these common failure modes can help diagnose problems and initiate recovery as swiftly as possible.

PITS Global Data Recovery offers expert services backed by years of experience recovering data from various RAID types. In response to urgent data loss, PITS Global Data Recovery provides emergency data recovery services designed to meet critical time constraints.

We understand the urgency and the need for swift action when retrieving important data from RAID 0 configurations. Our team is ready to answer 24/7, employing efficient and effective recovery processes to recover your data as quickly as possible, minimising operational downtime and impact on business continuity.

Advanced Techniques for Successful Recovery

We employ state-of-the-art techniques and tools to ensure a high success rate in recovering data from RAID 0 arrays. Our experts have vast experience handling complex data loss situations, enabling us to recover data when all seems lost.


Start the RAID 0 Recovery Case

If you detect any signs of trouble with your RAID 0 Configuration, please power it off and contact us either through the provided form or by calling 020 4515 6399. We will take the necessary steps to arrange for your device to be sent to our lab.


Fast Evaluation

Our engineers will carefully examine your device in a secure, controlled setting. We will assess the damage, provide a service cost estimate, and offer emergency assessments for urgent needs.


RAID 0 Data Recovery Process

Once you select a service plan and accept our offer, we will promptly initiate the data recovery process on your device within the agreed timeframe. Our professional data recovery service does not require any advance payment.


Review Recovered Data

Once the data retrieval process finishes, we’ll arrange a meeting for you to review the recovered data. Once you confirm its accuracy, we can move forward with the payment.

We prioritise customer satisfaction and trust, recognising their importance in building strong relationships.We provide a unique customer file verification session for clients to review the data they have recovered before the final payment. During this session, our experts will present all retrieved data in a secure environment, allowing customers to verify its accuracy and completeness.

Only One Company Does Remote File Verification Session

Our file verification process via remote session is crucial for customer satisfaction. We are the only company offering this unique service. After successful data recovery, we initiate a remote session, allowing our customers to review and check their files.

This crucial step ensures complete satisfaction and trust in the recovery process, as clients can directly see the outcomes of our efforts. It’s essential to our commitment to transparency and quality service at PITS Global Data Recovery. Protect your vital data now by contacting PITS Global Data Recovery Services. Our team of RAID 0 recovery experts is ready to offer you a free consultation and evaluation for your data recovery needs. Call PITS Global Data Recovery Services at 020 4515 6399 for a free consultation.

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Avatar of Slim's
18 Apr 2024
We were thoroughly impressed by PITS Global Data Recovery Services since these guys could recover not only the half or majority, but all of our data that we sent them on Seagate NYTRO SSD. There was ... more than 1TB of data saved up on that device to which we had no access anymore. Despite difficulties, PITS recovered everything and transferred the data to a new HDD. Extraordinary you may ask? Not for PITS and their professionalism 💪🏻Absolutely brilliant
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Avatar of Michael F. Fox
Michael F. Fox
18 Apr 2024
I believe this is the only company in the UK that has its own data recovery lab and doesn't send customers' devices elsewhere. I have been searching for such a company for a while, as it's hard for me ... to trust anyone after previous unsuccessful data recovery attempts. Besides having their own lab, PITS definitely boasts amazing customer service. They handled my complicated data loss situation with great efficiency, recovering every piece of lost data. During the final step, which I believe was called the verification session, we had the opportunity to check the recovered data and give our approval. It was a huge relief. Cheers for the brilliant service and the data recovery!
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16 Apr 2024
The place is next to the Nee Wimbledon Theatre and Polka Theatre. I was visiting PITS because of my issue with LaCie 1TB HDD that had a water damage and wasn’t working anymore. The device not working ... wasn’t that big of an issue but then I remembered that it had all my academic files in it. That’s when PITS came in clutch and recovered every file that was saved in there. I got all my ~700gb back with no missing data! Imagine the work they had done, which is pretty impressive. Well deserved 5 ⭐️
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